Senior Spotlight: Meet A Few of My Favs!

As a professional photographer, one of my greatest joys is being able to share my talent with those I love. This summer I had the opportunity to do just that when I photographed three of my nephews that will be seniors this upcoming school year.

Over the next few months I will be sharing a little about some of my senior clients in a “Senior Spotlight” blog. To kick start the blog, I’ve chosen to feature my three nephews. Without further ado, meet three of my favorite young men: Ben, Lennon and Dayne!




Ben will be a senior at Cherokee Trail High School in Aurora, Colorado this fall, where he enjoys participating in Unified Basketball, Swimming, Hype Club and Video Game Club.

Outside of school, Ben has been very successful in Special Olympics Basketball, Special Olympics Bowling and Special Olympics Swimming and has won several medals for SO Swimming and SO Bowling. He also has a part time job at Dion’s Pizza.


In addition to sports, Ben is passionate about music and plays the piano and electric guitar. He also loves riding the rides at Disney World, watching movies and playing video games.

After graduation, Ben plans to work for two years and then attend the Community College of Aurora for Performing Arts. When asked about his favorite thing to do, Ben replied, “Hanging out with friends!”



This coming fall Lennon will be a senior at McNeil High School in Austin, Texas where he is in the FFA program in the areas of Metal and Wood Working. He particularly loves to create things with his hands and to collect different materials that he uses to make furniture and other unique things.Lennon1

Over the summer Lennon is working for his dad’s construction company by cleaning up trash and doing other miscellaneous errands that help the business run smoothly.

This summer Lennon came to Colorado to see family and spend time in the Rockies for several days. During a boat ride on Lake Dillon, Lennon’s favorite gray hat (which is very special to him as he has taken it on travels around the world) flew off his head and into the water. We (I was also on this boat ride) had to turn the boat around a few times so that this treasured hat could be fished out of the water – and I have the video to prove it!

Lennon2Lennon also loves to spend time with friends and chilling with his two dogs. After graduation he hopes to become a welder and perhaps open his own shop one day.






Dayne will be a senior at Reedy High School in Frisco, Texas this fall. In his free time he enjoys many hobbies including cooking, scuba diving, fishing, golfing and of course, playing video games!Dayne1

Dayne works at Chick-Fil-A part time and had a busy summer traveling. In addition to his trip to Colorado to visit family, he also went on a scuba diving vacation and will be heading to Mexico soon for another diving trip and to relax on the beach.

When asked what he is passionate about, Dayne lists working on cars and welding. After graduation he intends to pursue a computer related job, or a “hands on” job such as a mechanic or welder.Dayne2

Ben, Lennon and Dayne — I wish you all a successful and fun senior year!



Aunt Wendy

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  1. John and Cindy Wilmot says:

    These are great pictures of Tony/Cody’s cousins- the families are really growing up. I think Dwayne is very cute! Mom

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