Senior Spotlight: Lily

Lily, spelled like the flower (and obviously her favorite!) has a sweet, easygoing demeaner and passion for helping others.  These traits are evidenced by her many volunteer hours spent as a High Trails counselor (outdoor education center visited by middle school students), running a camp for elementary students at Academy Endeavor Elementary School 2-3 times/week, and helping out at the Venetucci Farm with their landscaping. She is also a member of the Rampart CPR (Creating Powerful Rams) program that acts as peer mentors to incoming freshman.7965Lilyblog1

After several concussions and knee injuries, Lily made the wise decision to give up playing competitive volleyball, but has continued her love of the sport by coaching volleyball to girls of all ages at Xfinity Sports Arena. 

36Lilyblog2Lily loves art in almost all mediums, especially acrylic painting, drawing and sculpting, and she often looks to nature as her inspiration.7997Lilyblog3






To continue her love of working with children, Lily intends to pursue an elementary education degree after graduation. While she hasn’t yet decided which college she will attend, she was named a “Teacher Cadet” (she was selected as one of 15 future teacher applicants out of all of District 20). By receiving this award, Lily will get college credit and internship opportunities.2Lilyblog4


colorado-springs-senior-photosWendy Schicktanz is a Certified Professional Photographer living in Colorado Springs.  She is the owner of Captured Moments Photography which specializes in photographing high school seniors, families, children and boudoir.  To view more of her award winning images visit her website at Captured Moments Gallery

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  1. John and Cindy Wilmot says:

    Lily is quite the gal and very pretty. Your poses/pictures of her are terrific!

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