Josh — “Mask Wearing is Part of My Story”

Since I started my portrait business in 2001, my advertising has always included the tagline, “Our portraits tell a story … let us tell yours.”

And throughout my nearly twenty years of photographing high school seniors, my portraits have indeed told many stories. Stories as unique and diverse as the individual seniors I’ve photographed.

1609Joshblog3While the majority of high school seniors are photographed in the fall of their senior year (in order to meet yearbook deadlines), others, such as Mitchell High School graduate Josh, elect to have their portraits taken towards the end of their senior year.  

For Josh, and most of the class of 2020, his final months, and thus his senior story, were anything but normal due the impact of Covid-19.  And while his spring semester didn’t amount to what he had anticipated, but was instead marked by quarantining and mask wearing, Josh chose to wear his mask in some of his portraits as a reminder that it was, in fact, part of his senior story.

Josh was born and raised in Interior, Alaska where he grew up hunting big game. He loves the outdoors, collects rocks, geodes, fossils and petrified wood, and has extensive knowledge of guns. He loves playing with his dog, Oreo, (a Siberian Husky/Border Collie mix) works at McDonald’s and is very excited about his upcoming move back to Alaska this summer and starting a career in welding or another trade.1520Joshblog2

1532Joshblog1When I asked Josh how he felt about his time in quarantine, he said that as the oldest of five kids living at home, it was quite challenging that he couldn’t get away. He loves space and freedom, and there was nothing he could do outside during those long weeks on the military base where he lived. He also missed hanging out with his friends. But on the plus side, he was very happy to have a job and that he got out of school earlier than planned.

Good luck, Josh, in the wild outdoors of Alaska!

8419Wendy4x5Wendy Schicktanz is a Certified Professional Photographer living in Colorado Springs. She is the owner of Captured Moments Photography which specializes in photographing high school seniors, families, children and boudoir.  To view more of her award winning images visit her website at Captured Moments Gallery

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1 Response to Josh — “Mask Wearing is Part of My Story”

  1. John and Cindy Wilmot says:

    Love that Josh wanted to wear his mask in his senior picture to remember the pandemic that changed his senior year so much. Great pic!!

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