Designed by Diego!

Diego, a senior at Doherty High School, leads a very interesting life. He is the third of eight children, has already seen more of the world than many adults, has five pets and wants to be a fashion designer when he gets out of college.

Let’s start with the pets …. In addition to four dogs, Diego also has a “Sugar Glider” named Uno. If you’re like me, you had never heard of a sugar glider, but this adorable little creature (yes, I saw pictures) is like a nocturnal, flying squirrel that barks and eats fruit and meal worms.

Diego’s parents have instilled in their children a love for travel, and this young man has already visited many popular US destinations including Disneyland and Las Vegas. But Diego really enjoys foreign travel, especially Italy and Greece, and hopes to go to Germany, Switzerland and Austria this upcoming spring break. The family also regularly travels to see relatives in Mexico.

As part of the “warranty team” for his dad’s company, Diego works during the summer and on weekends painting the inside walls of houses and doing other detail and touch up work. But painting houses is not where Diego’s passion lies. He wants to pursue a degree in Marketing and Fashion Design and then start his own clothing and shoe lines. I hope one day to purchase an item of clothing designed by Diego! 

Finally, while Diego loves his family, traveling and clothing, he also enjoys hanging out with his friends — especially hiking, camping, dirt biking and playing lots of pick-up soccer and basketball games.

Wendy Schicktanz is a Certified Professional Photographer living in Colorado Springs. She is the owner of Captured Moments Photography which specializes in photographing high school seniors, families, children and boudoir.  To view more of her award winning images visit her website at Captured Moments Gallery

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  1. John and Cindy Wilmot says:

    Like his pictures and he leads a very interesting life – never heard of a sugar glider.

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