Food for my Soul

2020… the world will rejoice when you are in the books.

However, in the midst of this horrible pandemic and time of darkness and despair, when so many are losing their battle with Covid, are without work, food or shelter, you need not look any further than the generosity of those who donated to our Salvation Army Red Kettle to know that there is still hope and goodness in the world. 

This was my 10th year as a volunteer bell ringer and I have always been impressed by the generous donations people make. But this year – just WOW. The generosity was absolutely humbling. In fact, it literally brought tears to my eyes. Just in the two hours that we were ringing, our bucket was so completely filled that we had to use a paint stir stick to push the bills down.

God bless our friends and family who drove across town, in the freezing weather, to make a donation – thank you so much! While we were unable to properly greet you with a hug this year, we can’t tell you how much seeing your smiling faces warmed our hearts. And to all the passersby who also gave so generously, thank you for helping to make the days ahead, for so many in need this time of year, just a little bit brighter.

This Christmas, though, I can’t help but feel that I might have been one of the biggest beneficiaries. My morning didn’t start on the best note and stepping outside into the icy air did not improve my mood. But as soon as we started the Christmas carols on our portable speaker, and the donations started coming in, witnessing the amazing goodness and compassion of my fellow beings was exactly what I needed. It was, truly, food for my soul. 

To my portrait clients, past and present, thank you for your business and referrals. And to all who are reading this blog, I wish you a most blessed Christmas season and a healthy 2021.


Wendy Schicktanz is a Certified Professional Photographer living in Colorado Springs. She is the owner of Captured Moments Photography which specializes in photographing high school seniors, families, children and boudoir.  To view more of her award winning images visit her website at Captured Moments Gallery

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